UNIGERPRO is a company offering accounting, payroll, legal, procurement, office and warehouse space, financing and management services in the construction, prefabrication and engineering field.

It’s with a highly experienced operational and administrative team combined with flexible and adapted IT tools, that the group meets the various needs of its clients.

To date, the UNIGERPRO group holds six business places, three of which are located in Quebec City, one in St-Romuald, the other one in Laval and the last one in Toronto. The head office is located on Adanac Street in Beauport (City of Quebec). The Group companies have thereby at their disposal, offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses and garages they need. There is also an office in Sept-Îles devoted to projects in the Great-North.


The UNIGERPRO Group is:

  •  A technical project management team with more than 40 construction engineers and estimators highly skilled
  •  An implementation team of more than 80 construction site managers
  •  A construction workforce that ranged from 350 to 700 workers
  •  An administrative, IT and procurement team of 50 employees
  •  An engineering team of more than 40 engineers and technicians